Lectures, Talks, or Workshops for Genealogy Groups

  • Use the 1940 - 1790 Census Records to Fill in Your Family Trees

  • Understanding DNA (four introductory courses)

  • Conducting Church Record Research 

  • Building Timelines to Put Your Ancestors' Lives in Context

  • Continuing Your Genealogical Education  

  • Geography and Genealogy - Understanding Relationships and Locations 

  • The Puritans of New England

  • Finding and Using Historical Maps of Your Ancestors' Time Period

  • Numerous beginner to advanced level talks

Talks for Non-Genealogy Groups

  • Being Remembered As You Want To Be… leaving your own legacy

  • Why Genealogy May Be The Perfect Hobby For You

  • You Ought To Write That Down

  • What is DNA and Ethnicity All About?