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Genealogical Lectures, Talks, and Classes

I find great pleasure in sharing my knowledge about genealogy and family history with small and large groups.  I provide programs on nearly any genealogy or family history topic.  To see my list of my available talks, click here.

For non-genealogical groups, my favorite talk is “Being Remembered As You Want To Be… Leaving Your Own Legacy.”  To see a list of my current talks for non-genealogists, click here.
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Family Stories and Histories

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Writing stories about ancestors or creating family history books requires traditional genealogical research, social history understanding, and knowledge about the town, state, and country where your ancestors lived. 
Understanding the lives of our ancestors is more meaningful than just knowing a series of dates about them.   It is exciting to hold a book or story that describes the life and times of your ancestors, especially when you were part of its creation.

DNA Studies

DNA studies can be conducted to build genetic family trees.  They are a complement to standard genealogical research.
​I've helped clients confirm or deny the parents noted on their birth certificates and helped them understand their DNA results.       
​By understanding the client's needs, I can design a DNA test plan, provide advice on which DNA tests are appropriate for the research questions being asking, and assist with interpreting results and writing reports.

File Organization, Photo Scanning, and Enhancement  

Sometimes you just don't know how to get started or how to store all the data you've collected.  It is also important to determine how to set up files and folders with standard naming conventions so you can find your information at a later date.  I provide you with options to save and store your genealogical information so it will be viable.  

​Scanning historical photographs is time-consuming.  If you have damaged photographs, I will restore the fading, cracks, and tears.  I will save your photos using your naming and filing conventions.
Providing one-on-one guided support helps beginners learn to make their own genealogical discoveries or can help those stuck with ancestors with difficult to find records.   

​I can assist with your genealogical journey.  Whether it is showing you the basics of beginning genealogy, how to search genealogical databases, or using software to save and organize your family history information.  I provide personal support in Southern Arizona.

Personal Assistance

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